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(All songs by Keith Elder unless otherwise noted. Lyric/chord charts are available via "Music Store and More" tab.)



(from the most recent)

Mine that Mountain (2014)

1. Am I Going Anywhere

2. Two Boats and a Helicopter

3. Sanctuary

4. Glory

5. Gonna Mine that Mountain

6. I'd Like to Be Remembered for the Love

7. If We Didn't Have Church

8. You Mean for Me to Be Holy

9. No More Hungry People

10. Water and Weed

Love 'n Life (2013)

1. Just Add Water

2. Bridges

3. Eat, Sleep, Play

4. I'm No Saint

5. Light Up the Sky

6. Long Time Old Friend

7. Love, Love, Love

8. Made for Promises

9. Love Song

10. Better Late than Never

11. You Are Beloved

Perfect World (2011)

1. Perfect World 

2. Blessed 

3. A Heart and a Home 

4. Dog and Pony 

5. I Taught Momma Well 

6. Time Goes By

7. Good Man 

8. Beautiful 

9. All Star 

10. Take Me Away 

11. Desperate People 

12. In Jesus 

13. It Aint Easy Being Jesus Anymore 

14. Something Beautiful for God 

15. Still Wants You Back


The Story Songs (2004)

1. One Life to Leave Behind 

2. Right Field (Willie Welch) 

3. Little Lost Child 

4. This Little Light 

5. Officer Friendly 

6. Paddy’s Lament (Pat Cooksey) 

7. She Flies 

8. One 

9. Flowers are Red (Harry Chapin) 

10. Life in the Hand of God 

11. God Understands 

12. Still 

13. Mississippi Squirrel Revival (C.W. & Carlene Kalb) 

14. Good News


It’s About Time   (2000)

1. Drawing from a Well 

2. Takes Both Hands 

3. Lucy’s Place 

4. A Time to Grow 

5. Footsteps of a Carpenter 

6. Free for All 

7. Time Left for Me   

8. United in Joy   

9. No Time Not to Pray 

10. Life on the Other Side 

11. Bring a Little Joy 

12. Bound Together in Christ 

13. Lord Bless Your Heart 

14. Doxology


Candle in the Night (1991)

1. I Only Sing with Friends 

2. Created in Love

3. Ordinary Bread

4. Teach Me How to Pray (Chris Hughes)  

5. Candle in the Night 

6. Rising 

7. No Room for You 

8. I Run to Christ 

9. We Praise you 

10.Here I Am, Lord (Dan Schutte)

Spread Your Wings (1987)

1. The Spirit 

2. Somebody to Care 

3. Makers of Peace

4. Howard Gray (Lee Domann) 

5. Oasis 

6. Spread Your Wings 

7. Hand in Hand 

8. We are a Circle (w/Huffman UMC Youth) 

9. Still 

10.Walk as Children of the Light



North Alabama Youth Summer Programs

A Time to Grow

Bound Together in Christ *

Created in Love

Drawing from a Well

I Run to Christ

One *


Rooted in the Promises of God

United in Joy *

Walk as Children of the Light

We are Building the Body of Christ

     * International Peace Camps


Lake Junaluska Summer Youth Events

Makers of Peace

The Spirit

Free for All


Southeast Jurisdictional Youth Convocation (UMC)

Spread Your Wings


United Way of Alexander City, AL


Appalachian Service Project

In the Footsteps of a Carpenter


United Methodist Women

We're the Faith


United Methodist Children’s Home

A Heart and a Home


Youth ’88  (National UMC youth convocation)

We are Tomorrow Today



Hope for the Flowers (children)

Brand New Day (youth)

Somebody to Care (youth)

J. Wesley (intergenerational)

A Carol for Every Heart (intergenerational--Christmas)